LibreCAD Move to a Different Layer

Layers "Colorful Paper Color" by Alexander Stein is licensed under Pixabay License.

We’ve all done it, selected the wrong layer and add our dimensions, construction lines, or other parts of the drawing to the wrong layer. Fear not, you don’t have to go through the painstaking repetitive act of redoing all that work. Just move those lines.

LibreCAD isn’t the most elegant when it comes to fixing little mistakes like this, but it’s still possible and is fairly quick. It sure beats having to redo all that work on the proper layer. This method also lets you “merge” layers since you can select line segments from multiple layers and move them to a different layer.

Move To Different Layer

Moving lines to a different layer takes a few steps, but you’ll very quickly get the hang of it. The one thing that I still mess up on is making sure I have the destination layer selected before using the “Move / Copy” tool.

LibreCAD Move Dialog
  1. Select all the entities, lines, segments, blocks, etc that you want to move.
  2. In the “Layer List”, select the layer to which you want these selected items to belong.
  3. Open the “Move / Copy” tool, which is under “Tools” > “Modify” > “Move / Copy”.
  4. Before a dialog appears, you must select the reference point. Choosing 0,0 is the easiest to use. Enter 0,0 into the command line.
  5. Enter the target point. If you don’t want to move the lines, enter the same as the reference point. Enter 0,0 into the command line.
  6. In the dialog, select “Delete Original”, and ensure that “Use current layer” is checked. That checkbox will move the items to the currently selected layer.

Merge Layers

Merging layers uses the exact same technique as above. Since you’re allowed to select lines, shapes, and blocks from multiple layers if they’re not locked, you can make your selections and follow the steps above.

You can either merge the layers into a new layer or merge it into an existing layer, even if you selected items from that layer. This might be used if you ended up having multiple layers on accident that are the same that should be together.

Create a Duplicate Layer

Want to create a duplicate layer that is identical to a layer you already have? This takes a few additional steps, but is still just as simple as the past sections.

  1. Create a new empty layer that will hold the duplicate layer.
  2. Turn off visibility of all other layers except the one you want to duplicate.
  3. Select all of the lines on the layer. You can use CTRL + A keyboard shortcut or just highlight the entire layer using your cursor.
  4. Now we do the same steps in previous sections. Select the empty duplicate layer.
  5. Open the “Move / Copy” tool, and set the reference and target points to 0,0.
  6. Instead of selecting “Delete Original”, set the option to “Keep Original”.
  7. Check the box for “Use current layer” and submit the changes.
  8. Turn on the visibility of all other layers.