LibreCAD Layer Attributes

LibreCAD Layer Attributes Style "Background Wallpaper Colors" by DavidRockDesign is licensed under Pixabay License.

Layer Attributes affect the color, thickness, line style, name, and whether or not the layer is a construction layer. Setting different layer attributes can help identify hidden lines, different types of materials, and can make your drawing more than white and black lines that can become jumbled together.

LibreCAD layer attributes adjust four different attributes. With LibreCAD you can change the line / segment colors, the thickness, whether it’s a construction layer, and finally the line type (solid, dashed, dotted, etc).

There are many reasons to adjust layer attributes. In floor plans, you’ll generally separate your drawing into many layers and setting different colors can make it easy to identify what you’re looking at. Dimensions should be in a different layer with a distinct color, possibly different from your text layer color. Your layer containing toilets, sinks, and other fixtures would be easier to identify as a different color instead of blending into the structure of your floor plan.

Editing Layer Attributes

To change the layer attributes, right click on the layer you want to adjust, and select the item “Edit Layer Attributes”. A dialog will appear with the options you can adjust. This dialog is fairly straight forward for you to edit attributes you want.

Layer Name

This is simply the name of the layer. Name it something that is descriptive but short, such as “walls”, “dimensions”, “text”.


This sets the color of the line segments. There are about a dozen preset colors, but you can set any custom color you want.


Width, or also known as thickness, is how thick the line is going to be drawn. The thickness shouldn’t be used where hatching would be a better choice. But if you have specific parts of your drawing that need to draw more or less attention, changing the width will help.

Line type

This is a pattern that is applied to the line. Instead of just a continuous line, you can set dashed, dotted, center, and other line types to identify certain types of interactions between multiple parts or identify center lines.

Line Types

There are seven different line types in LibreCAD. You can have a continuous, dotted, dashed, divided, center, border, and a no pen line. Depending on what field you work in, these line styles will mean different things. For your own projects, use them however you wish.

Commonly, dashed lines are “hidden” objects that are there but can’t be seen. For instance, when two beams intersect, the intersection will have one of them beams become hidden for the section where it’s behind the other beam.

Construction Layer

A construction layer is a special layer used to help hold the geometry of construction lines.

  • A construction layer won’t appear in printout.
  • All lines of a construction layer are infinite in length.

The final point is very helpful when you are trying to line up different views of your drawing, or literally anything else.

Printing Layer Attributes

When printing, the layer attributes remain the same. Construction layers won’t be printed. In the print preview, there is a button to switch to black/white to disable the colors inside layer attributes, but the line style and thickness will remain the same.