DXF Blocks for Floor Plans

Floor Plan "Building Floor Plan" by Cocoparisienne is licensed under Pixabay License.

Floor plan design requires you to add fixtures into your drawing. Without adding fixtures to your drawing, you won’t know if the room will work. When creating floor plans, you’ll need: toilets, cabinets, bath tubs, sinks, laundry machines, water heater, furnace, and doors.

You could obviously create all of these yourself, but trying to find the correct dimensions of some of these objects can be a bit tedious. Below is a list of resources where you can download free DXF files for the above fixtures. It’s important to also keep in mind building codes and standards.

Even though a toilet is generally 26 to 29 inches in depth (standard to elongated) and around 20 inches in width, you need to take into account the building code. From the center line of a toilet, you need at least 15 inches clearance on each side (recommended at least 20 inches) and at least 20 inches free in-front of the toilet (recommended 30 inches). House Plans Helper is useful for bathroom dimensions.

Bathroom DXF Files

For bathroom fixtures, the following resource provide lots of drawings that you can import into your drawing. Here you will find drawings for toilets, sinks, showers, bath tubs, and vanities.

American Standard

American Standard has CAD files for nearly every product they offer for free. I couldn’t find any legal information about the files. I would use the files for reference only and for personal use.

Visit the American Standard Professional page, then on product pages you will see a download link to CAD drawings.


Kohler has an enormous library of DXF, 3DS, OBJ, and SKP files for your plans. Keep in mind that their DXF files are in 3D, for 2D plans you will want to limit your search to DXF-2D.

Visit the Kohler BIM website to download their CAD drawings. The license of these files are unknown.

Kitchen DXF Files

Kitchens need sinks, refrigerators, dish washers, counters, and possibly tables. Finding sink DXF files are easy since nearly every manufacturer has to offer the files so the cutout can be sized correctly.

For a lot of kitchen appliances, you can just draw a square to the correct dimensions and add a label to the fixture. Lots of these companies offer DWG files but I sadly could not find any with DXF files.

Frigidaire Sinks

For quick DXF files for sinks, you can use Frigidaire. Their drawings are simplistic and easy to find on their website.

Browse their sinks and download drawings from the Frigidaire Sinks website.

Furniture DXF Files

Furniture blocks help to visualize how a room will work once it’s filled with furniture. You don’t need to layout an entire room with furniture, but beds, tables, and chairs are a good start.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen provides DWG and DXF files for lots of their furniture and lamps. These drawings are more detailed than what most floor plans require, but if you’re creative, you’ll enjoy popping these into your drawings.

You can view the giant list of furniture CAD files on Normann Copenhagen CAD page.

Everything Else

For all other objects and for more of the above, you can use the following resources. Don’t go crazy and add every block to your library, you’ll slow down your CAD software when opening the library browser.

Libre Library of Graphic Elements

This is a free library that contains electric blocks, sheet templates, doors, vegetation, toilets, chairs, beds, and more.

Visit the LLGE project page to download all of the drawings. These drawings come packaged with LibreCAD by default and are available in the Library browser.

Architect LCAD Package

This is a single archive file by A Galley that includes sinks, toilets, beds, breakfast bar, kitchen appliances, coffee tables, and more.

You can download the archive over on the LibreCAD Wiki.

QCAD Part Libraries

QCAD has a few part libraries that are available. Their architecture library contains over 600 blocks. It includes sofas, beds, desks, doors, and refrigerators.

You can get the part library from the QCAD Addon Page.

This post only focused on DXF files, which are currently harder to find than DWG files. I focused on DXF since many open source programs only have partial support for DWG but have full DXF support. If you’re using software that supports DWG you can find lots of blocks easily.