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LibreCAD Isometric Projection

LibreCAD Isometric Projection Drawing

Even though LibreCAD is a 2D CAD program, it doesn’t mean that everything you can draw is solely going resemble a single flat surface. LibreCAD, along with many other 2D CAD programs, let you switch from an orthogonal grid to an isometric grid. Other than those two projections, other CAD software, such as QCAD, allows you to have planometric, dimetric, cabinet, and cavalier projections. Learn more about QCAD with our LibreCAD vs QCAD post.

LibreCAD Move to a Different Layer

We’ve all done it, selected the wrong layer and add our dimensions, construction lines, or other parts of the drawing to the wrong layer. Fear not, you don’t have to go through the painstaking repetitive act of redoing all that work. Just move those lines. LibreCAD isn’t the most elegant when it comes to fixing little mistakes like this, but it’s still possible and is fairly quick. It sure beats having to redo all that work on the proper layer.
LibreCAD Layer Attributes Style

LibreCAD Layer Attributes

Layer Attributes affect the color, thickness, line style, name, and whether or not the layer is a construction layer. Setting different layer attributes can help identify hidden lines, different types of materials, and can make your drawing more than white and black lines that can become jumbled together. LibreCAD layer attributes adjust four different attributes. With LibreCAD you can change the line / segment colors, the thickness, whether it’s a construction layer, and finally the line type (solid, dashed, dotted, etc).
LibreCAD Blocks

Using LibreCAD Blocks

Blocks are a very useful aspect of all CAD drawings. A block is most simply described as a drawing inside of another drawing. This allows you to reuse complicated or frequently used components in multiple drawings or multiple times in the same drawing. When you insert a block into a drawing, you can move it as a single item, edit it, and delete it easily without it disturbing other parts of your drawing.
Involute Curve

Drawing Involute Curve in LibreCAD

An involute curve is the curve created if you were to start to unwrap a string around another curve. The reason why you probably want to draw an involute curve is if you’re drawing gear teeth and are also found in compressors. Drawing the involute curve is a little time intensive since there isn’t much automation in LibreCAD to draw the curve. Once you’ve drawn a few of these curves, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to draw them in a few minutes, depending on the length of the curve you need drawn.